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Aug 7, 2012
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Hey everyone! As some of you may know, our company, MHC is one of the competitors in the Wix SEO competition. While we don't believe Wix is perfect by any means, we do think that there are many businesses that successfully make use of a Wix site.

We're going to write an article to feature some businesses that are doing well on a Wix site. If that's you, would you consider filling out this form?

I'm looking forward to seeing how your company does in the competition.

This month, we've moved/rebuilt 3 websites that were using Wix and moved them to WordPress - but this was more for extra control over the programming and features they wanted during checkouts in particular (ecommerce stores with custom shipping, API and calculations etc).

All that said, if you're looking for a big list on Wix websites, check out this link - Websites using Wix

3.4 million websites using Wix in their list. Of course, you'll want to ask for permission from them to use in a case study, but it's a starting list :)
side note - on the site, can you make the Subscribe button at the bottom of the site a bigger iframe? It cuts off the button.

Looking forward for that article! I am planning to buy a domain from Wix to put up a new business.

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