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Oct 15, 2016
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For some reason it doesnt show up at all one of my previous clients with multiple locations in California and Texas loses ~20 locations for 1-2 days. Right now they have in house webmaster, so i don't know what is did recently, but it's very strange for me that Business that had >20 locations (all of them in the same G. Account), /no spam, no violations, no duplicates, etc/ for 1-2 days loses 95% of their locations.

All this location are G. verified and existing >1-2 years.

From user side if i try to search "Business Name " + Location

1. Most of them - No INFO on right side of them page
2. Some of them - Information with Permanently closed or Moved to other location.

As my client told me - they have only 2-3 locations right now in their GMB account. Nothing else.

Has anyone heard this?

Any advice will be appreciated !
Was the account hacked? Maybe check for a new manager/owner account that was added recently?
Yeah I was going say what Cody said. I have seen quite a few mass takedowns lately. Definitely not a good sign but it is happening to places using PO Boxes or virtual offices.
I assumed these were legit listings, but probably not if the OP doesn't respond back here.

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