Feb 23, 2015

Just wanted some advice on a UK Local Citation Cleanup.

There appears to be about 20 or so listings for a client, showing an old address.

How long would you expect this to take doing it manually? and is it worth the while?

Sep 11, 2012
Thanks Colan - our eyes & ears :)

@Micheal - 20 isn't that many but it depends on the status of those 20 (i.e. claimed, claimed but no login details...) and which sites as some are easier to work with than others.

As a rule of thumb I'd say 10-15 mins per site - est. 5 hours (1/2 day) in total.

Is it worthwhile? This totally depends on the authority & importance of the sites. If the list includes sites Yelp, yell.com, thomsonlocal, factual, scoot network sites then i'd say yes do it .

If the sites are more obscure then it won't hurt to update but less essential.

If you want to offload this task to us we'd charge 20 x $3 = $60 (circa. ?40)

Happy to advise further & i'll watch this thread.

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