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May 21, 2015
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Today I sighted two map pins using logos. One is for a Wendys and the other is Pizza Hut. You'll notice Burger King does not feature a logo. Searching on this topic and thinking back I don't recall this being mentioned????

The logos appear no matter what zoom level I used on maps. This was captured via desktop and not mobile. Checking mobile I didn't see the "feature" for the same area on maps.

Is this new and if so what would warrant the logos inclusion?


Hey Tim,

I also feel like I read about this somewhere. What was the search term you used to pull the result?
Hi Colin - In this case, I wasn't using any specific search, rather I was just dragging the map around a general area looking for spam. This morning I noticed that the Sunocos gas stations had their logos as well.

When I just checked again just now replicating the above search behavior the logos are no longer present.

Note, in both cases this was while signed in under my "Google" account on Desktop. Didn't try it using a search perimeter or incognito.

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