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Feb 5, 2013
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I came across a new home builder that has 8 claimed locations. At least 5 of those are model homes. Google's guidelines are not clear in this situation. Has anyone delt with this before? Is this a legit listing? I didn't see any other posts about this when I glossed over the threads.

If I read that correctly, you're saying a construction company is claiming "business locations" at the houses they build (whether it be for new home buyers or showcase homes)? The guidelines are actually pretty explicit about this:

Business Location: Use a precise, accurate address to describe your business location.
  • Do not create a listing or place your pin marker at a location where the business does not physically exist. P.O. Boxes are not considered accurate physical locations.

So... yeah this is not allowed and any location that isn't the company's main business location should get suspended/flagged for suspension. Could you provide more detail for us about this situation? I just want to make sure I understood you correctly.
It looks like the business has two legitimate office locations. The other six claimed locations are in model homes for neighborhoods they have built and developed.

EsR is right. That's not OK. Flag/report at will.
Many home builders that I'm aware of operate actual offices out of their model homes. If you can actually call that location, talk to a real person and meet them there to discuss building a home I'd say that it's a legit office location.

I would flag it though and I'm betting that Google will have one of their minons call to verify.

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