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Aug 8, 2012
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Seeing some more weird stuff with Google Maps results, seems maybe they are rolling out more updates..

Businesses on the left sidebar no longer displaying the building number:

Weird Dentist.jpg

Some I've seen have a mix like this one, 209 NYC Dental still has the building number there:

NYC Dental.jpg

This seems like it could be step towards some mobile optimization, like other recent updates. On desktop I only see this on Google maps results. Mobile results match this even in the local pack - but not maps "List Results" on mobile. Could be an update that hasn't finished, could be testing things, or maybe just really messing things up...

Everyone else seeing this? Thoughts?

Weird Dentist.jpg

NYC Dental.jpg

Just wanted to add for the 209 dentist example, their address is completely misformatted in Maps so Google can't even understand it which is probably why they're different than the others.

Just compared some screenshots for a client comparing today with a week ago and I'm not seeing any differences. The unit numbers show on some of the businesses, not all.

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