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Oct 15, 2015
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I have a client who is a doctor that is moving his practice to a new location which is 11 miles away in the neighboring town. The new practice has the same staff. He's also taking the opportunity to rebrand with a slightly different name. He'd like to keep his existing Google reviews. Is it possible to retain reviews when moving this far AND changing names? I'm guessing no, but would appreciate anybody's advice who has dealt with this recently.

Here's what I had in mind:

1. Update the website with the new NAP information. Fix schema, embedded map, etc.
2. Change the address, but not the business name on the existing GMB locaiton. Expect to have to re-verify with postcard at new address.
3. Update the name once reverified.
Hey Scott,

I think your approach is a good one. I would update the name first, and the address second. A name change likely won't trigger a re-verification. To be safe I would wait until the name pushes live before updating the address. Is it a major name change?

Make sure to also:

  1. Update business license with the Secretary of State and other places you have licenses listed.
    1. If in healthcare: Update the NPI Record: NPPES NPI Registry
    2. If in legal: Update the state bar website
  2. Update major data providers.
  3. List your new name on your website on the contact & about page clarifying that you rebranded “Old Name is now called New Name as of June 2018”…
  4. Optional: Send out a press release announcing the name change.
Hi Colan, Thanks very much for the reply! I'll follow this process. The new name is similar. They are just adding the word "Telehealth" to their practice name...not for GMB name spam reasons, but for changing their business model to reflect the new distance reality.

I'm a little concerned that GMB will assume the name change is being done for spam reasons and suspend the listing. They seem to be really touchy about name changes these days.

Just to confirm, should steps 1-4 be done prior to updating GMB?
Just to confirm, should steps 1-4 be done prior to updating GMB?

Correct. Make sure the website logo reflects the new name and make sure to order some new signage, take photos of it and upload to GMB and you should be good in G's eye.

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