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Aug 3, 2022
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When people search for our company, Google shows that we are permanently closed.
We moved - we are not closed. I have completed the forms on Google to get this corrected to no avail.

How can I get google to remove the Permanently Closed? I do not want an address reflected in google
because we are now a home office.

Google Business Listing Services have contacted me and say they can make the change for $199.00
They want a credit card # and information without emailing any type of quote or verification that they
are who they say they are.

If anyone has any idea how to proceed, I would sure appreciate the help.

Thank you,
Hi Daun,

Are there currently two live listings? One for the new address and one for the old? Google should be able to add a label to the old indicating that the location has moved, if you currently have two listings.
No - there is only one listing.

Today this showed up when I searched:
Your access has been disabled because this profile doesn’t follow the guidelines. Edit your business info, and learn how to regain access. Learn more

When I went to Edit and completed everything, the edit didn't go through and was dismissed.
So frustrating.

Thank you,
Sorry to hear that. Ok, contact GBP support and they should be able to help you out. By the sounds of it they might redirect you to the reinstatement form first to address the disabled label issue.

Let them know that you have moved, and that you want the original GBP to be updated to the new home address and that you want the address cleared so it's not visible to the public.
Thank you again - I have one more question - How do I reach GBP? is the only way online because I haven't had any luck with that so far.

Thank you,
Thank you for the link - that worked and once there I was able to "chat" with an agent who is helping me get everything fixed. I sent her screen shots etc and she had called me back twice now. Should be fixed soon.

Again, thank you so much for your help!


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