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Aug 23, 2012
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What do you recommend for multiple attorneys sharing the same address? They all leverage off the marketing of the firm, but then also do their own and have their own specialties.

But a bit of a background first. I've been asked to clean up local for an attorney firm here. Three out of 4 attorneys have their own Google+ Local pages which are bare.

The firm also has its own Google+ Local page. It looks very bare and does not have anything that was there in Google Places before the G+ Places merger. I can't find that page so maybe this is it. But it was dressed up pretty nicely before. Now it looks like it needs to start over.

If you search for their keywords in Google, they come up #1 in G+, but the link takes you to one of the attorney's pages, not the firm page. That makes sense because each attorney's G+ listing is linking to the website. Google then is confusing or merging them.

My instinct says take down the attorney pages and get Google to attach the website with the main firm's G+ page so at least in G+ if you click the review page you go to the firm's page.

But then what about the individual attorneys? How do they get their own listing with their own reviews? This is a time, I think, when perhaps they should have their own phone numbers.

Google knows this happens a lot in doctors' offices, real estate offices, etc. What's the best practice for this? What do you do?
Hi Kat, its complicated to explain BUT Google will no longer delete Dr or attorney listings as dupes as they would over a year ago.

The attorney listings still act like dupes though as far as the fact that they will often knock the main practice listing out of blended.

I explain the issues in the following 2 posts.

#1 the problem.
#2 the solution - minimize the atty listings.

Google Places DUPLICATES – Have Doctor, Dentist or Lawyer DUPES? You NEED to Read This

Overcoming New Google Places Duplicate Listing Problems for Dentists, Doctors, Attorneys

There are lots of variables and it can get complicated. But in general I recommend doing user edits on the atty listings and DO NOT CLAIM them. But it kind of depends on situation. Sometimes consultants need me to do a deep dive and some consulting to make more specific recommendations. (Plus I have more involved tips to help ensure your edits get approved.) Let me know if you need my help on this one.

But if you minimize right the practice listing will pop right back up. I just did one recently and as soon as my edits were approved it practice popped right back up. Consultants I've helped with these methods report the same results.
Thanks Linda. Is this the sort of thing your advanced training covers? When's the next class start?
Yep totally!

Next one??? That's really complicated. Please email me and I'll send you some options and explain what's up.
Thanks Linda. Probably a good time to do the advanced training. :) When does it start?
Like I said...

That's really complicated. Please email me and I'll explain what's up.

Can't go into it here...

I'm curious regarding your recommendation to NOT claim the individual attorney listings.

I just took a different approach and created individual local listings for some attorneys, claimed using their G+ profile.

Hi Bill, it's complicated and depends on the indiv situation.

Reason I say "typically" not to claim is threefold.

1) I've had Local SEOs come to be for consulting because as soon as they claimed them all they immediately get suspended. (Have had it happen with Dentists and Attys.)

2) If you are just being paid your regular fee to optimize a single listing - the main practice listing, it's a lot of extra work to claim and optimize them all. Doing user edits is faster/easier.

3) So if the goal is truly to only optimize the practice and MINIMIZE the other attys, then doing the extra work of claiming is NOT needed and again can sometimes lead to suspension.

AND if #3 is the goal you would never want to CREATE atty listings. It's just if Google already did, you need to minimize them.

But again it depends. IF it's a big multi-specialty practice and you are being paid to optimize them all AND they want each atty to rank as a stand alone listing for that particular specialty and there are NO overlapping categories, then in that case I sometimes recommend claiming all BUT it depends and again every case is different. So when I consult for consultants I have to do a deep dive and take many things into consideration before recommending any option.
Question, when you say do user edits, are you doing them as yourself Linda or as a the atty's personal Google account or do you have a Google account that is just for your SEO edits?


If that question is too personal I understand.
Nope not too personal but don't have a concrete answer. I'll give you the pros and cons of each.

1) I'd have a main agency account you do all edit details, report a problem and map maker edits in so you can build up rep and good points for good edits. Your edits will have a better chance of going through.

2) But IF you've never done any edits and don't have ANY cred in Map Maker, then there is a chance making changes with the practice's account would have more credibility.

BUT I'm not sure - above is just my best guess. So if you have no edits and no rep built up, maybe use atty account for this 1st one.

But then with your agency account, start doing easy safe edits. Change some spammy listing's name that is obviously KW stuffed. Fix data on listings in your own back yard that you know are wrong. Gradually start building up good edits.

Then start using your account for all edits and they will all help build your rep. Then when you do have important client edits to make your edits may get approved more easily.

Does that make sense?

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