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Dec 27, 2013
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Im looking to start another businesses, but I dont want people to see that the same address is also the address of my other company. Imagine looking
up a professional electrical company (something professional) and seeing that the same addresses is also performing a lawn mowing service. ( I am using my home address for both, I've heard p.o. box and vitural offices aren't good to local seo)
Does anybody have two businesses from their home addresses or clients that have two businesses from the same addresses? Looking for some advice on how to separate them in google as
two distinct businesses within the same address. Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Goku770,

You are right. PO boxes and virtual addresses are not allowed.

Are you hiding your address on your lawn mower listing? You need to be.

As far as 2 businesses at same address. Not usually allowed and especially tricky if residential service area business. Even more so if they are even close to being related and if it's you that own both and provide both services.

A problem Google fights all the time is let's say a general contractor. He makes up a name and site for a painting company, a roofing company, a deck building company and a construction company. And sets up a listing for each. That's really in Google's eyes, just ONE company with multiple divisions. The rule is one listing per business per location.

An exception that may possibly be allowed, but is still subject to getting deleted by Google would be - lets say the husband owns a lawn mower company and the wife owns a notary service. 2 totally different industries, 2 different phone numbers and this is key - if you call each business you will get a different person answering the phone - different owners/service providers. So truly 2 different independent businesses.
Ok thank you!
1.Im wondering why I should hide my address though? I can't find enough local citations that provide the option of no address.
2. Yes I guess I could get someone living with me to put it in their name. The two businesses are completely unrelated, plan on getting a new phone number too.

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Meant another phone number for the other business. Im guessing if I get an apartment, that wouldnt work great? Im just living with my mom right now, hoping that the lawn company will pull though( naoplean hill style). So I can get my own apartment for my other business.
1.Im wondering why I should hide my address though? I can't find enough local citations that provide the option of no address.

You just need to hide it on Google.

Why should you hide it? Cuz it's a MAJOR violation and in the past they have DELETED hundreds of thousands of business listings that did not comply. Many of those businesses were down for 5+ months.

Citations you can still use your address. Google matches citations with the address that's in the dashboard, even if it's hidden on the live page.
Ok thanks I have it hidden in my googles places page. Now only city appears

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Any suggestions as to what I can use as an alternative to my other unrelated business? Im just super excited and I want to start on it right away. Their has to be people who are running more than 1 business out of their home.
I'm sure there are. I was just letting you know there is a possibility one or both could end up getting deleted.

But you should not let Google stop you if it's a business you want to start. And you should never count on Google to be your only source of leads anyway.
I just had this conversation today Linda! 1,000,000,000% agree! You can never solely rely on Google money. If you put all your eggs in that basket, you are setting yourself up for failure. Google changes things like the wind these days and one minute you could be at the top, the next in the dumps. That is even with an iron clad SEO campaign.

Diversify your marketing from the start. Look at print, pennysaver, local newspaper, referrals, etc. This way, if one spoke on your wheel fails, you have other spokes to keep the wheel rolling.

A little off topic but of the utmost importance IMO.

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