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Aug 26, 2015
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Hello All!

I have a client that has two businesses that he runs out of two different practice locations. He's an orthodontist who has also started a pediatric dentistry practice. Both businesses share addresses but have different phone numbers.

He is primarily an orthodontist and began the pediatric dentistry portion of this businesses just a few years ago, where he's been a practicing orthodontist for over 20 years. Since he recently started to market his pediatric dental practice online, his orthodontic location's Google local results have dropped significantly.

Any advice on how this may be remedied would be greatly appreciated.
How has he been promoting the other business?

The other (new) business was being promoted by another SEO. So I can only assume the usual local seo work e.g. citation building, GMB page optimization, link building etc.

In addition, right around the time both businesses tanked in the Google local listings I found 100 porn links going back to each of the businesses websites. So 100 going back to his orthodontic practice site and 100 back to this pediatric dental practice site.

Since I found those toxic links and notified him before his other SEO did for the site they were working on, he decided to give me the work for his other business. So now I have control over the SEO for both businesses.

I have 2 clients in this exact same scenario and they both can rank fine - just make sure they don't have any overlapping categories and double-check to make sure none of the citations screw up the phone numbers (Ex: list the paediatric dentist's phone # with the orthodontist's name)

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