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Jul 17, 2014
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I have a business - dental surgery that has a local area phone number, and a freecall 1300 number that I have on all of my advertising and website.
I might start consulting at another practice a couple of miles away, which will have another number. My main reason for going here every month or so is simply it is smack bang in the middle of the town I wish to rank for, and i should be great for local seo. (currently, i am a suburb or two away from the main town)

So, how would i do my NAP assuming that there are 3 numbers? ONe which I want to use all of the time, and two local numbers whos only real use is so that google can "see" my physical address?
Hi Paul,

That other practice will already be established and have its own NAP. If you want to piggy back off of that for your own rankings, not for the clinic's rankings, then you'll need to define it as a new business at that location with a different name, phone number, and address. Such as:

7to7 Dentist - Sydney
#101B clinic address
new phone

Note the suite number. This is to differentiate your business from theirs. Also note the space between 7to7 and Dentist. Getting that "dentist" in the business name is a big booster. Too bad you don't have a space in the NAP of your primary location. If I was your consultant, I'd recommend making that change across all your citations, then on your local Google+ listing. I'd even consider an official name change with your government records.

Then I'd build all the good Australian citations, wait for the listing to get seeded at Google, and claim it.

Looks like your primary footprint out there is the 1300 number, so I wouldn't do anything with your actual local number.

Hope this helps.

my web address is (no spaces)
The other business is a medical centre. Lets call it
Is there much difference with my business name as 7to7dentist, and 7to7 dentist? I would have thought google was smart enough to recognise the difference.

If I was going to rename it, what web address would I want to match it?

It sounds as if you are saying I would be best with

My dental practice would be
google plus name, account 7to7 dentist
web address (or are you talking about 7to7-dentist?)

With regards to the medical centre, do I need another g+ page which I link to, or can I just get another address put on my current one?
Google isn't smart enough to separate out the dentist part from a business name. It sees 7to7dentist as one word that it has never seen before. We have seen cases where a single citation with the business name all crammed together with no spaces was enough for Google to think it was a completely different business and generate a duplicate listings. Only ONE citation on a trusted site was enough to make that happen.

Your website URL wouldn't need to change.

Yes, Google Plus name would be best as 7to7 Dentist, BUT, do not just go and change it until you've updated every last mention of your business you can find online that has it as 7to7dentist.

Really, it's a lot of trouble, and might not be worth the effort. If you're already ranking in the local pack for your city, I wouldn't mess with it.

Regarding the medical center, don't just go to Google and create a listing. Google won't trust it. You need to build some support for the existence of this new business by building citations first. If you build citations on the right sites, Google will pick up the new business and generate a new Google listing for it automatically. Then you'll want to claim that listing.
Im not ranking in the pack for my local city, or my local area, hence my frustration.

If I update, it seems as though you are suggesting I

Get my citations to
N- 7to7 dentist
A- my address
P 1300 661 771

What should I do about my fb page, linked in, twitter and foursquare accounts?
What about my web address? I am assuming I can buy 7to7, but will that have issues at all?

My issue is that if I go ahead and change all my web citations, then I might as well change everything to my local area phone number, and just have the 1300 as an additional one, and on a jpeg on the site.

Otherwise, I may go through a change, and then wait a few months to get re pageranked and then feel the need (whether necessary or not) to update my ph number.

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