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Dec 27, 2013
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How do you properly word this sample address for citations and Google+ Local

2034 E. Devonshire St
Mesa, AZ 85201

I'm not sure if the period at the end of the E is correct and if St needs a period at the end?
Best to spell it all out in GMB and citations. But Google can figure it out if some citations are not abbreviated.

BUT if already listed in GMB probably best not to change it as any NAP change can upset the apple cart. The advice above is the best way if setting up new listing from scratch.
Ste vs suit vs #, st vs st. vs street, isn't really necessary imo. Google has figured that out via clustering. But if I'm setting up new biz or making paid changes at an aggregator level (expressupdate, localeze, Acxiom) for the 1st time I stick with which abbreviation/version is most common among all know citations. I'd also recommend taking a look at how it is set up at a state tax record level and matching it.
I used to do it based on how majority of citations were set up too Cody, but Google prefers full spelled out address in dash now.

And if you set up a listing in Map Maker, that's the only way - have to pick the address from the drop down, fully spelled out address. Plus FYI Google maps does not map postal addresses or tax record addresses - it maps out physical street addresses.

I'm pretty sure the Map Maker experts that post here have said a few times too that full addresses should be entered in dash to help everything sync with Google Maps and Map Maker or something. Can't remember exactly how they explain it.

So those are some of the reasons I recommend now going with fully spelled out correct street address per maps. But again if it's already in dash with abbreviations I would not risk changing it as long as it's correct.

But there is no hard fast rule about some of this and she's pretty good at figuring out common address abbreviations, so you are probably good either way.
Thanks for clarification on this Linda. I will make sure to follow these your points going forward

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