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Sep 18, 2018
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A client of ours is a manufacturer of a product. They currently have a temporary office as their Corporate location. They do meet with prospective customers at this location as well as staff full-time employees, and therefore we have helped them to create and verify their GMB listing.

I always start with GMB, followed by Aggregators, and then dive into other relevant/citations. I am at the point where I would normally proceed with creating Aggregator listings through BrightLocal - however, I’ve just been informed they will be moving the Corporate office to a more permanent building/office location later this year.

Before submitting the Business details to the Aggregators and beginning to create other yellow page type listings I am wondering if I should wait so there is less to clean up in 6 months.

Regardless of proceeding with Aggregator submission, I would still be working on creating business profiles on platforms that allow reviews/feedback - just not so much on Yellowpage type directories.

((I have been using BL/Whitespark/Pigzilla & Local visibility Cheatsheets as a reference to identify platforms. We then do the claiming/updating part in-house.))

My biggest concern is time/resources - I don’t want to charge them for something now that they may not necessarily need if it has to be “corrected” in the near future.

My questions are:

Would you proceed with Aggregator listings now and update NAP at the time of the move?

Or would you hold off on submitting the Corporate Office knowing that they will have a significant NAP change in the next 6 mo?

Is there a standard amount of time that should be considered in these situations? (I feel like if it was 90 days out I would just advise them to wait.)

Thank you in advance for your time & feedback.

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