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Sep 26, 2018
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Hey there. I just brought on a garage door client in Orange County. I know, I know...uphill battle with that category.

Here's the thing. They have a verified listing. But, when you click on View on Maps it just pulls up my local map for the city I am located in (no business information). When you click on View in Search, it does not pull up a Knowledge Card. If you search for them by name, with any combination of phone number, address, website, etc appended to the brand name, there is nothing. This verified listing had been previously suspended when they added "Fence Contractor" to their listing as a sub-category. They do both garage door repair and entry gate repair. When it suspended, my understanding is that they communicated at length with Google and Google re-verified the listing with a postcard. Not sure what happened, but it seems that even though it re-verified, it never really came out of a suspended state.

It honestly seems like some passive aggressive measure of not suspending a business, but also insuring that they are not in the index. Any ideas? I would post their Maps URL here, that's the problem. Doesn't exist anymore it appears.

Not sure what to tell these guys. I suppose we could start them over and have them do the video verification (which would be fine), but I'd rather them keep ahold of the brand property that has already been in place.
Assuming there is no warning message in the GMB dashboard or you would have mentioned it. Definitely contact Google to see what is going on before going through the process of making a new listing.
Thank you Yan. Correct, there is no warning in the dashboard. I reached out to Google and got fluffy "We don't know what's up with that" type answers. Honestly, I don't believe them.
It sounds like they had you create a new listing instead of reinstating the old one. Did the old one have reviews on it? Are the reviews present on the new one?
@JoyHawkins, there was not a new listing created. The original (and only) listing was suspended, and then eventually through a lot of back and forth unsuspended. It appears in the dashboard like everything is fine. But, there is no live listing. I don't mean that it has been filtered. I mean it is non-existent. It has been this way now for 4 months. There were no reviews that I am aware of before hand, and no reviews now either.
Hmmm...K. It's really hard to troubleshoot without looking at the listing (or it's information since it's non-existent). If you want to PM it to me, I'll respond here with my thoughts.

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