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Jun 28, 2012
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With the addition of new features such as the new Q&A format, we have just added some new statistics: most upvoted answers and most solutions.

In the sidebar:


At the bottom of the main index page with other forum statistics:


And in the Members list as two Notable Members categories:


When you post a question or problem and receive an answer or solution that works for you to resolve the issue, please remember to Upvote that reply as a way of helping others who may read your thread and of thanking the members who contributed answers or solutions.​

Here's how to do that: click the up arrow to vote for the answer and check the round circle below the votes to identify it as the solution that worked for you.


Many thanks and gratitude to Xenforo addon developer Resources by XDinc who created and provided this addon to the Local Search Forum pro bono! Find him at the XenForo community forum or visit his website at XENTR - Think Different and Make it... for more Xenforo addons and customizations!

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