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Oct 2, 2012
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Question regarding this, as it's been about 6 months since we last touched on it. For new businesses without any sort of claimed page, is the recommendation to still start using Google Places or have we been given the go ahead to start directly in Google+ Local using the new method?
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Hi Andrew,

Google is still saying wait don't merge, but I've not heard them say don't claim new listings directly in G+. Categories are a little more limited in G+ but at least we have them now.

The G+ in local category is still a little buggy but if there is no G+L page to merge then that removes many of the problems and there are cool advantages with G+.

So I'm torn. Part of me says start with G+ L and wait a little longer for a smooth merge path. But honestly I've not heard from hardly anyone that's just created from G+ to start, so don't know if that route is very problematic. I think most of the really hairy problems are dealing with merge issues though.

Let's see if we can get some other opinions on this. I'll Tweet it now.

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