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May 3, 2013
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When doing a search by phone number & Business Name for a specific local business...the Google+ Local page does not show up in the results. Is this because the Google+ Local page has yet to be crawled by Google? Is there something special I need to do?
Are you talking searching in Google search or maps search?

How long ago did you pin verify?

After a week if you search in Google maps it should show unless there is a prob. But can take 6 - 8 weeks before it works into the local database and starts showing for KW searches.

What happens when you click link inside dashboard that say view my listing? Give us that link and more details if you want help and I'll move this down to the help section.

If it's been more than 2 weeks and you can't find in maps it may have been deleted by Google.

If so please provide link to your web site and we'll do some research.
Thanks, moving down to help since about a particular listing. But totally booked up with consults today. Someone else can weigh in or I'll try to look tonight if I get time.

Searching only by business name - or even by business name + phone number - causes your Google+ Local listing to show up maybe 50% of the time. It depends on how distinctive your business name is, and how certain Google is as to the location of the business you?re searching for.

Yun Therapy is a distinctive name, and when you type it into Google you do see organic results, but the only unique part of the name is ?Yun,? so it?s not quite distinctive enough that Google knows unmistakably that someone who would type that into Google would be looking for Yun Therapy in Torrance, CA. If the business name were longer, someone would probably be able to see your Google+ Local listing show up in the search results even if he/she didn?t type in ?Torrance.?

When I type in ?Yun Therapy Torrance,? your listing shows up. That?s a good thing. If it didn?t, I?d say you might have a problem - as Linda alluded to. But looks like you?re in good shape.

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