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Scott Rawlins

Nov 14, 2012
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Just noticed this today. I'm not seeing a "Leave a Review" button on the KP in either Chrome or FF. There is the ability to leave one from the Maps listing, but only in Chrome and not FF. Also, on the Maps listing in Chrome, web results show, but they don't on FF. Additionally on the KP in Chrome, I see a call button, but not in FF. See screenshots from FF. Odd. Bug? Anyone else seeing the same? This seems to be happening whether they have no reviews or many reviews.

Screenshot_2020-10-01 Jet Fighters International, Inc - Google Search.png
Screenshot_2020-10-01 Jet Fighters International, Inc .png
Does it actually work when you leave a review on Google Maps? Does the review publish? I know in certain countries, reviews are shut off for anything in the education space.

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