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Jul 21, 2014
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I have a client who currently does not have a website of their own. They are an employee of a larger company. They are relatively independent so a few options do exist.

I read the post Linda made on Blogger and that was interesting.

Here are the options that I can think of:

1. Link to his profile page on his company's website. Upside is a little domain authority but not much. And it already exists. Downside is it's not very well optimized for local or for conversion.

2. Create a one-page website (I'd be adding this on at no cost so I'm not going build out an entire site). Thin content in terms of pages (e.g. 1) but can build a nice landing page marked up for local, etc.

3. Create a site on blogger (per Linda's suggestion) or weebly or some other 2.0.

4. Create a Facebook fan page and use that as his primary site (not sure if this is acceptable for Google).

Any thoughts?

Hi Lloyd,

What industry? Because normally employees are not allowed a G+ Local page, only the company can have one.

The rule is one listing per company, not multiple listings for each employee to, but there are a couple exceptions, so that's why need to know the exact industry.
This is likely one of those exceptions.

Financial professional with own office for larger firm. Pretty typical. Technically it is the company's branch office.
I think it's possibly borderline, would need more details.

The main exceptions are Drs, Dentist, Attorneys.

Then too often realtors if they are independent brokers, even if all in the same office and same goes for insurance agents.
Not fully knowing the situation, I would often opt for at least a 1 page site of my own if allowed. You are laying the groundwork for occupying the clients own space and can always build onto that.

The moral is,link to your own domain instead of empowering someone else's. Again,this is all well and good if it's allowed.

I do not have experience in this vertical but thought I would add general advice.
The other option is no site, or can at least start there.

I've seen G+ L listings rank that only have a G+ L page and no site.

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