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Jan 5, 2022
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My new client sent me access ot their gbp's and it looks like this:


Their original profile we worked on is now marked as duplicate with an some others they decided to create. They also created other locations that also have duplicates that they want us to fix. Is it possible to get the old one back or will that have to be merged with the one that is live?

Also, is it possible to merge these are will they be set as "closed" on google search results? Any help on where to start here would be greatly appreciated!
This one is nearly impossible to advise on without seeing the actual listings.
In my experience, dealing with duplicate profiles is a situation I run into once every few months. Each time, I start by pinpointing the profile with the most essential content, like reviews and photos. I then request Google support to merge it with the active profile, emphasizing the need to keep specific details. The profile being marked closed shouldn't matter as much, and if it is a truly closed location, just delete the duplicate. Following these steps has consistently led to successful outcomes for me.

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