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Nov 20, 2014
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Hey guys,

So I've been trying to put together a good onsite structure with services that I can easily relay back to my clients that will give them the best chance to rank for many long tail keywords without having to focus on each one separately and create a better profile for organic, its moving more and more that way and we don't do backlinks at our company.

I'm hoping this may give us a more holistic approach to <acronym>SEO</acronym> and result in more visitors to the website and provide a better user experience for potential clients.


? To establish the personas of visitors to the site making it easier for them to navigate and get the information they need quickly resulting in a better user experience and increased conversions/ lower bounce rate.

? To be able to convey to my clients exactly how they should layout the services in order to achieve maximum effect using a mind map and hopefully something they will understand, (personally Im much better visually)

? To rank for possibly 100`s more long tail keywords which as is my understanding make up the majority of traffic to a website rather than just the typical vanity keywords

? By doing so increase ROI and traffic and rankings across the board.

The Issues

My issue has been this so far, clients just giving me a long list of keywords and synonyms without it being data driven and/or not breaking down the services they offer properly.

So I thought I’d do it myself and put everything in to a mind map so I can show the client visually what the site should look like. In order to have an edge against the competition.

The process

So we have a dentist we are working with at the moment

So first we have the Home page for the money keyword in this case its dentist/dentists

Then I look at the top 3 organic results for ``Dentists in area`` and glean all the services as they break them down on their websites and add them to the mind map, next I repeat this process in the 3 biggest city/towns nearby but obviously different local areas until we have service break down that is more comprehensive than anything in or nearby the local area.

Once we have the Services i.e. topics I then head over to [url][/URL] which is a better version over uber suggest in my opinion and pick out Google suggest terms that will help shape how we write the articles for each service page covering the things that people are actually asking about relating to the individual topics.

Once I’ve done this the keyword suggestions are connected to the topic/services in the mind map.

Mind Map Color Coding

So as for color coding on the map

Red are pages that are already on the website,

Green are potential service themes

Orange are the Google suggest ideas to discuss within the articles we create for
each topic.

This is the mind map link i look forward to your opinions!

So I’d like to get some opinions on what you guys think and if you can think of anything else to improve the system. Please bear in mind I’ve only included details relating to services in the mind map in this case, not any other pages such as contact page or about us page.
Thanks so much for sharing your process and your mind map Ben.

I think this is awesome! I also like

What do you guys think?
Do you use anything similar? Care to share?
Any suggestions for Ben or anything to add?
Hi Ben!
i followed a similar process but used google webmaster tools and google analytics to identify my target kW.
only thing I can add to the mix for this dental client:
  • if you can't beat 'em, join 'em - yelp, yellow pages or whoever is top ranked currently
  • check out competitor citations and try to obtain all if those
  • in Canada, dentists are highly regulated in terms if what they can and cannot say. For example you cannot even IMPLY you are the best or better than others; anything you say must be able to be proven (e.g. No side effects, whitens twice as well); can't say "state if the art" for example as it implies others do not use state of the art.... I hope it is not that ridiculous for you!
Thanks for the link to the mind map, this is something that I have been looking for!

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