Dec 12, 2013
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I have a client that is an advertising agency. Long before they called me, they used a few different SEO agencies. One of the agencies built a bunch of crap links, and the next agency said "your site is penalized", and you need to move to a new url.

So, they rebuilt the site at the new URL, and reduced the old site to the home page saying we've moved, with no redirect or link to home page. I think it meta-refreshes?

anyway. . .

It was never clear that they had a penalty in the first place. There was never a huge tanking in the results, and while the profile was a bit spammy, and I have seen far worse. There was no notice of manual action.


With the latest news about Penguin, and that we don't need to disavow anymore, is it time to redirect the old site?

Google Penguin doesn't penalize for bad links - or does it?
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