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Sep 5, 2013
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So when verifying on Yahoo or Google, you need a mobile number.

What do you do when setting up client accounts? They mostly only have one location.

In my best Jamaican accent, "How many lines you got?"

(this is a riff off an old SNL skit).

I have actually used everyone I could think of before...friends, family, coworkers, etc. Whatever it takes to the account to complete.:D
We try to use the clients phone number :)
Yes, I was running out of friends and family Scott! Maybe I need to make more friends, that will be my opener, "how many lines you got".

Colin, good point, if the client is tech savvy and available I will consider it.
I will agree with Colan though. The client's would be ideal, but trying to get some clients to help out is like pulling teeth.
You guys said it! Between non tech savvy clients and hard to get a hold of clients it can be tricky.
We have a standard meeting early in the process for an initial strategy discussion. This takes place after we've received their onboarding information which includes what we need to setup any account on their behalf.

During that meeting we set aside about 15 minutes for phone verifications. We have all accounts where phone verification is required setup and ready in multiple tabs and then just zip through them with the client with us (or via the phone making sure they are at their business location since some verifications require a phone call to the business number).

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