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Jun 28, 2012
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Image Credit: Image created for us by Greg Gifford.

Place Pages are Back, Causing Branding Confusion Again

Have you seen any listings in the pack that are called a Place Page instead of a Google+ page?
If so, you are not alone. But no it's not another rebranding fiasco (I hope!) From what I can tell this only happens on Permanently Closed listings. No idea why they would revert back to the old name. People are already confused enough.

Tim Capper posted at the Local Search Pros G+ Community while I was on vacation and a good discussion followed. So I wanted to share here too, in case you've seen "Place Pages" listed in the SERPs and are confused about what's up. Head over to see what the Pros say.

Here is an example I found in the wild, when researching a problem for someone over at the Google forum.

Google search link: <a href="">Jon McGee Auto Services Thomasville, GA - Google Search</a>


Have you seen any "Place Pages" lately?
Are you seeing that name only on Closed listings?

What's up? do you think it's just a test?
Do you think a designer forget the name or is still in the dark ages?
Or do you think they are purposely calling it a "Place Page" for some reason?
OR maybe they are reverting the name since G+ is going away as a brand?

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Oh and here's another pro discussion started by <a href="">Mark Goho</a> at the Local Search Community.

Can you guys replicate?
Yes I am seeing it here in Jacksonville FL, but so far only with closed businesses... but it's pretty consistent.


Thanks for confirming and sharing a screenshot saburnsjax!

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