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Mar 18, 2014
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Hi. My client received an email from Google saying that "Your business profile has been disabled" and that her "business is not eligible for a Business Profile." See screenshot please. She appealed it and provided the necessary documentation. She is a photographer so I'm not sure why they disabled it...she's definitely an eligible business.

Is there anything else you guys can do to help my client? Or anything else you recommend we do? Thanks so much!

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Can you click the link for "restriction policy" and post the URL it sends you to here? Curious what it links to.

Once you apply for appeal, you will need to just wait for Google to make a decision to approve or deny the appeal. If she provided the necessary proof, they should approve it. If they don't let us know and we can help troubleshoot.
Hi! The restriction policy in that original email sends her to this url: Overview of Google Business Profile policies - Google Business Profile Help

The restriction policy in the current screenshot attached sends her to: Prohibited & restricted content - Maps User Contributed Content Policy Help

In the meantime, Google denied her appeal. See screenshot.

At first Google told her it was a problem that her business didn't exist. Now they're saying she had content violation!! She's at a complete loss because she never posted anything inappropriate ever! She also never posted anything that doesn't have to do with her business.

She's a legitimate photographer who has 5 stars out of 158 reviews on The Knot website (

Any idea what she can do? Anything you can do? She's so concerned that all of her Google reviews are going to be lost.

We'd greatly appreciate your help! Thanks so much.

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Edited: I can actually see on the disabled email that she was showing an address and that address is her home. 90% of disabled profiles are either showing a home address or a co-working space address.
Either she has a studio at that address with signage or she is a service area business.
So I understand this correctly, she will need to either have signage at her address OR have a SAB GBP listing? Is there any way to get her reviews back? Thanks!
Yes exactly, but unless she does face to face business at the address her GBP is verified to AND she has signage, she needs to remove the address and become an SAB. Having signage alone is not enough, she needs to actually serve customers at this location.

Once she removes the address, she can submit a second appeal (Request additional review of a denied appeal). I advise you add additional proof she is registered to work at this address that you did not already submit. Mention in the appeal form you removed the address too.
The reviews should come back with the reinstatement. It may take 24 to 48 hours to repopulate after reinstatement but they should all come back. If for any reason they dont, contact support and they should be able to get them back.

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