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May 17, 2016
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We have a profile for a company on a prominent industry portal, as part of the portals pro plan they change our phone number to a unique number so that we can have call tracking as part of the portal analytics.

The business is in London, UK. The number the portal provides is a London number, although (starting 0203) although the next block of digits which denotes sub area within the city is not local to our businesses sub area.

Whats the best way to handle this and to stop it having a negative impact on our NAP, and thus local listings elsewhere. So far my 2 thoughts are either :

1) add the unique number as a contact number for our company in google my business , facebook etc.. (PROS : should resolve the NAP issue, CONS : people could ring the number when they see it on google local, rather than the industry portal thus skewing the industry portal call tracking analytics)

2) disable the call tracking analytics on the industry portal and use our standard number (PROS: no issue with NAP, CONS : dont get any call analytics from industry portal)
You could keep the tracking number as your main number in Google my business and then just make sure to add your proper local number as an additional number in Google my business.

That would allow you to continue to track calls as well as prevent any and NAP consistency issues.

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Thanks @colan Nielsen

If i placed the tracking number for the portal as my main number in GMB then all calls made via my GMB profile would show up as being called from someone finding our info on the portal.

To get around this i would like to make my current (non tracked) main phone number my GMB main phone number and add the tracked number as a secondary number wouldnt that be better ? Or would Google object to that ?
You could do that but it wouldn't allow you to track your calls from Google my business in the portal. Because nobody sees or calls the secondary number in the wild.

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I also have this issue with one of my clients too. However, instead of having only one unique number, they have 3 different listings with 3 different unique numbers.

Therefore, adding all these unique numbers to the GMB page is not feasible.

What other alternative options can I take to ensure these unique numbers do not ruin my clients' NAP consistency?


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