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Jul 2, 2019
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This is quite a specific issue but hopefully someone out there has some advice.
I'm working with a fast food restaurant that has a few "physical" restaurants in London, but also a few which are based on industrial estates, using what's called a Deliveroo Kitchen.
When I check the address of the restaurant (from their website), on Google Map I see a "Deliveroo" marker pin. The Deliveroo listing exists but links to the main Deliveroo website. This might be a bit misleading as this "Deliveroo Editions" restaurant sells food from the fast food restaurant I work with.

Has anyone experienced getting a listing setup and verified at such an address? Do you think it would be possible, or is it against Google's terms as I think they usually require the business to have signage outdoors reflecting the name of the company?

Thanks for any help!
This sounds like it's an ad. Do you have a screenshot of it?
Hey Matt,

I believe the principle they work to is ‘does the online experience match what’s available in real life’.

If it’s a ghost kitchen, then I imagine customers can’t walk in and order food in person, regardless of whether there’s a sign or not. So they shouldn’t be verifiable under any of the restaurant categories. Think about this as a user, it could be pretty frustrating to see a whole bunch of restaurant pins on the map then walk to the area and find nothing.

If it’s important for deliveroo drivers to navigate to, then you might be able to persuade them to add a new category for something like ‘delivery driver pick up Point’ but I wouldn’t expect it to be visible for any hospitality terms.

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