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Oct 1, 2013
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Hi there,

I've read the forum for quite some time but never got registered. I'm based in Ottawa, ON and have my hands in a few different things including some local SEO clients.

I'm having a problem with one particular page. The first time trying to get a post card verification it never came due to a lack of unit number and wrong postal code in the address (despite my entering it correctly upon request). I repeated the request and corrected the error, receiving the pin yesterday.

Now the page is verified but the address has reverted back to the wrong one. It shows an incorrect postal code and no unit number. I have tried editing it to have a dash format (#-### StreetName) and two line format (### StreetName. Unit #).

The info saves but as soon as I close it and go back in it has reverted to the incorrect address again. Why won't the address stay corrected?

Also, does it matter if my citations are showing a hyphenated unit number and the G+ local page shows a two line unit format?

Thanks you so much!
Hi Jordan,

Welcome and we are glad you joined. You'll get more out of the forum as a contributing member.

In order to try to help need to know which dashboard are we talking about. There are now 3. Old Places, new Places and G+ Business?

Not sure I understand this: "hyphenated unit number and the G+ local page shows a two line unit format."

Could you give example using 123 Main Street?
Thanks for the reply Linda and sorry it took so long to get back. I am using the new G+ dashboard as far as I know.

As for the address, I have been using the format as 5-123 Main Street instead of 123 Main Street, Unit 5.

I still can't get it to retain the correct postal code when I change it. Google seems to think they know better.

Also, for some reason it is not showing in the local results (even several pages in) when searching for the primary KW. This is odd since the website ranks on the first page organically.
For citation data, the longest matching prefix of the address is used. So if you are using 5-123 Main Street and your Google listing is 123 Main Street, Unit 5 you have no matching prefix whatsoever and your citations will not be found in relation to that listing.

The unit number and zip code, being later in the address are not nearly as important as far as the citation data goes. Try putting the address into google maps and mapmaker and see how it shows up. The zip code and other parts of the address may be reverting on your Google listing due to other information on the web that has that address with a different zip code. (That is how "Google seems to think they know better")

I would fix and stay consistent with your street address and build up your listings on other sites. Use 123 Main Street - that is the important part that is recognized by Google (from what you described) and that is what will be scraped for along with the business name and phone number.
Thanks Broland.

So if I'm understanding correctly, the postal code discrepancy is not all that important as long as the street number matches?

I guess I should take some time to modify what citations I can to remove the unit number and put it on a second line where possible.

The address pulls up fine on street view regardless of which way I input it. However I believe it shows the wrong side of the street. Sometimes each side has a different code...I wonder if that may be it.

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