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Jul 26, 2012
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Hi everybody! I do a lot of work in the Auto Industry and a client alerted me to this the other day asking why i am not doing this for them, and I want to get some feedback and opinions.

One of the largest Auto Dealer Franchises in the world is mass uploading services to the Product carousels for their Individual dealership Service Departments.

They are not clients of mine so I will leave their name out. The images below illustrate their strategy and i was wondering if it is prudent to list services (Oil Change, Tire rotation, brake service) in the product carousel. To me, there is a difference between an oil change (service) and a quart of oil (product).

My curiosity is up because i deal with numerous auto repair shops and service departments and have not paid attention to the product carousel because they do not sell products. If this OK to do, I would love to add it to my clients, but something tells it may not be a good idea. This is huge Dealer Group and hundreds of these identical services are going up as Product Carousels right now.
ford dealers seattle - Google Search.png

Pop Up below links to a page on each dealers website.

oil-change-popup - Google Search.png

I would love for Google to add a Services Carousel to GMBs, and i am hesitant to replicate this strategy for my clients. This is a huge company and i would hope they checked into this before launching. But, in the Auto Industry I learned long ago not to assume anything.

Any thoughts of opinions from the Google experts?
I've been doing this for law firm clients of mine. As they don't offer "products", I was adding their services to the "products", as well as "services" sections in GMB. At the time, I didn't see anything against the Guidelines saying this was not OK. I agree there are distinct differences between products and services, but if G doesn't care, why not do both.

I was able to get a similar result to the car dealership above, where products were showing prominently in the KP. Most of mine were Free Consultation "Products" with a picture of a checkpoint, alcohol, or police. It works well and stands out. I say go for it.

Example of a client


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