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In that case, by all means include the NAP in the press release. That would pass the editors easily because you have a legitimate reason for including that in the press release itself.

You wouldn't believe the kind of press releases I have seen lately. I read one the other day that was something like, "Local Painter Provides 7 Money Saving Tips." It was basically an article. There was nothing notable at all about it.

I always tell my clients that you need to think of a press release as an announcement. If it can be announced, then it can be a press release - and I don't care how insignificant the announcement is. So here are some of the common "announcements" we'll write press releases for:

1. Launch of a website (or a blog)
2. Launch of a new social media channel
3. Launch of a new product or service
4. Changes to company staff (i.e. new hires, new promotions, etc.)
5. Landing a new project (i.e. Local Painter Lands Large Commercial Project)
6. Company growth (i.e. Local Plumbing Company Expands to Another Location)
7. Company events (Local Business Attorney to Hold Seminar on Business Buying & Selling)
8. Company giving to charities (Local Dentist to Donate 1% of Profits to St. Judes)

The "announcement" criteria is just one of many things you could do, however. You could also do industry commentary press releases. Let's say some study comes out that tattoos increase the risk of skin cancer if they aren't removed (stupid example I If your client is a skin surgeon that removes tattoos, you can piggyback on that study by running a press release. You could run any of the following as examples:

"Local Skin Surgeon Urges Tattoo Removal To Reduce Risk of Skin Cancer" (then in the press release you cite the study)

"Local Skin Surgeon Agrees With Recent Tattoo Study"

"Local Skin Surgeon Questions The Results of Recent Tattoo Study"

Etc. etc.

Keep in mind, most press releases are done strictly for SEO and to increase your overall Internet footprint. I never expect my clients to get a flood of traffic (or media exposure) directly from the press releases.

I know the "gurus" say that you should only write a press release if it's truly "newsworthy." Well that's all fine and dandy if your client is Google or Microsoft, but if you work with the average small business owner, there just isn't going to be anything "newsworthy" to write about so you have to be more creative.

Travis Van Slooten

Thanks Travis.

The thing is.......We have a press release written based around a local event that is held. One of the most important pieces of information in such a press release, is of course the NAP. It's vital that people know where the event is. So, not only is it legit, but it would be difficult to leave that information out.

Di you think this situation lends itself well to PR Web? - - Are there any Press Releases that don't work for PR Web??

The reason I ask is that (I heard) from others that it's only worth submitting Press Releases when it is "very notable"....Now, to me that sounds kind of vague!

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