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Apr 26, 2013
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I've noticed this long time ago, when i look in G+ page, the business category is completely deferent from what i have in Google places dashboard as a primary category, just to give you an example my primary category is "General Constructor"
and then i have my secondary categories. So rather then showing my primary category G+ is showing my secondary categories, another problem is when you click on categories in G+ (in contact information on the left side) it will show you list of all categories have, for some reason it doesn't show my primary category at all.

Does anybody have an idea why G+ doesn't show my primary category?

I would call support in this case. I had a client that had the same issue and they informed me that the change I made hadn't flowed through to maps data properly. They updated it and the following day the change was live.

Chris McCreery
Yes, I would contact support, like Chris said.

Optimizing your categories on Map Maker can influence the categories that display on the live G+ Local page as well. But I would only mess with Map Maker if you are comfortable with it.
I've always been of the persuasion that what matters most is whatever is on the back end, not the front. I am not sure there is room for assumptions like that anymore and since, as these gents have suggested, started to call in and ask them to edit it. Anything that is amiss, I call in. Fortunately, support is pretty good these days, so there is no reason for your to be mucking around with report a problem, or map maker. Go to the source I say!

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