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Jun 28, 2012
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Phil Rosek just posted a timely sequel to a previous post about how to build citations even if you work from home and want to keep your address hidden.

Private Local Citations: Where Can You List Your Business But “Hide” Your Address?

If you just buzzed through the first post because you’re hanging on my every word in this one – or if memory is your weapon of choice today – it’s time for a quick recap of the older post on “private citations”:

1. Some business owners want to rank well in Google’s local search results and beyond, but don’t want their street addresses to be easily findable online (most likely because they work from home). Maybe you have these privacy concerns, or know someone who does.

2. Unless your business is listed on a variety of online directories (AKA citation sources), you probably won’t rank well in the local search results. But you don’t want your address to be easily findable on those sites. Now you’re feeling stuck.

3. Turns out you’ll probably be able to rank well locally after all, because most of the important online directories actually do allow you to “hide” your street address – that is, to keep your address from showing up publicly on your business listing.

If you have SAB clients, head over to read the full post. You'll be glad you did!

Thanks Phil!
Thanks, Linda! I felt I had to air a 31-site "Part II" after that 12-site cliffhanger last year :)

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