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May 12, 2015
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I know we can list products and services. I know also to track things when possible with UTM's. I am wondering though, is there any way to see any data on these from within GMB? It's a lot of work to get inventory (car dealership) on to the products and from what I can see from campaigns in analytics, it yields net 0 traffic.

Having tested it, however, I can see there is multiple steps to get through to the actual website. I was just hoping one of the pro's would be able to shed some light.
Hey Gerry,

Someone posted a similar query to you back in January and looking at the responses it doesn't seem that you can track product insights within GMB itself yet, unfortunately.

Claire Carlile actually produced a really useful guide to UTM tagging for products and posts so you can more easily see the value they're producing. It might be worth a read if you're looking for accurate reporting. She's even provided a spreadsheet that auto-populates the UTM parameters based on what you enter in the fields, so that may streamline the process a little.

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