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Jun 12, 2015
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Hello, Forum Members:

Can anyone refer me to a HDD software, platform, or Google resources that are comparable to PlacesScout CITATION INTEL compilation and display capabilities?

Thank you,

~ Alan
Hi Alan. They may have updated since I last looked at it, but I believe that PlacesScout resells Yext and uses their scan tool. So, you could just use the free Yext business scan:
I believe that PlacesScout resells Yext and uses their scan tool.


Hi, Darren:

I just got off the phone with Kyle Cook at PlacesScout... who informed me PS only finds and evaluates NAP citations... no unstructured citations.

Thank you,

~ Alan
Well, not to be self-promotional, but the Local Citation Finder scours the entire web to find all your listings, plus all your competitors' listings. Then it shows you the intersect of those two so you can see all the citations your competitors have that you don't. It might meet your needs and provide some additional benefits too.
Hi, Darren:

Thank you.

Please see new thread:

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