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Aug 2, 2012
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I have changed internet provider at the office and have noticed radically different SERP results. I am using "incognito" mode for my searches. Am now using ATT here in dallas for internet connection at the office.

Prior SERPs for my cluster of 12 keyword sets had me at or near the top, with the 7-pack showing every time where I also feature prominently. Competing law firms were in the organic results as well.

Now on this post-internet provider change the SERPS for these same terms are radially different: never get a 7 pack; I am nowhere to be seen, nor are most of my major competitors. Totally different set of results. It feels as if the algorithm is not making a local search assumption any more, maybe?. At home I did a search (ATT the provider there) and found the local results and 7 pack consistently. Any insight would be most appreciated.
Hi Stan,

Sounds like your ISP is in a different spot.

For example if I search atty with no city I get listings in my city. BUT in the past my ISP's IP location was 4 cities over, so then it would show results for a location I never go to.

What's your IP? What was it before?

Have you set your search location in Google search? That will over-ride your ISP location.

Are you searching City + KW or just KW?

What's the search string? We can check and see if we can see normal results and that will let you know for sure it's on your end and not a Google change. (BUT maybe it's a Google change, which is why I'd like to check.)
You mean that the google algorithm makes assumption of location based upon the IS provider's location on not the location of my IP Address?

I'm San Marcos Ca. My IP right now is there. If I search for atty I see San Marcos results.

BUT I can change my search location to Dallas and see Dallas results or any other city.

AND back when my ISP showed a Carlsbad IP even though I'm in San Marcos, then Google would show me Carlsbad results which were not relevant.

Plus depends if you are searching with city or without.

So if you answer my Qs above we can help you figure it out.
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Present IP Address: ATT Listed as AT&T Internet Services in ArlingtonTX. I do not know what my prior IPaddress was, but the building owner provided a T1 line in their main officeabout 2 miles away from my office. Here?smy Punnett Square create my ?Big 12? keywords sets that are my focus attached in a PDF file.<o:p></o:p>


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Geolocation based on IP address is never perfect. In icognito mode, I believe Google's only way to locate you is by IP.

Some networks / ISPs (especially if you're talking about a T1 or something similar) may show up as being in a given location even though you're not. I've seen situations with larger corporations where IPs were being reported in completely different states.

In all likelihood that's probably what's happening with you.

To know for sure you'd have to Geolocate your old IP and new one. They're probably different.
Thanks John for your response. What am really wanting to know is exactly how am I ranking with my target audience in the Dallas Fort Worth area. If I get radically different results for geolocation in Dallas than Arlington TX its hard for me to figure how well I am doing.:(
Can't you clear cookies/cache, set your location to Dallas, TX or a specific zip code, and do the search?
Well, but I mean if I am getting this difference now that my ISP is ATT, probably the top ISP in the Dallas Fort Worth area..I just don't understand how google would geolocate ATT internet customers based upon the ISP location and not that of the thousands of individual users.
Stan you need to try to mimic what users in your area see by, setting your location in Google search.

With my search settings set to Dallas:

Dallas Disability attorney - I see you in the A spot

Disability attorney - I see you in the A spot too.
Alright. That's so good to know. I've been excited about my high ranking that started about 3 weeks ago, and felt kinda sick when I thought I had fallen off the map. Thanks Linda for your help. I am sure that my good ranking owes in large part to the good advice you give and others on this forum.

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