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Oct 17, 2018
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So we have a bit of a problem that's affecting a large handful of clients. Google incorrectly marked a LOT of our clients' listings as closed, and we've gone through and re-opened the ones that need to stay open. The problem though is that many of them are getting stuck in "under review" in the Google dashboard. The change to be re-opened isn't actually publishing to the live listing out on Maps and they're still showing as being closed. This is especially bad for those clients who marked permanently closed instead of temporarily, as they are not showing up on Maps at all while the listing's open status is "under review"

Is there anything I can do to get it pushed through quicker or am I just at Google's mercy on this?
I've got exactly the same problem. Tried re-opening and it has now been stuck on "under review" for 24 hours so far. On the Google forums there are many reports of people waiting for days / weeks in some cases and it still being "under review" so it must be a bug. This should be an absolute priority for Google to fix ASAP. Businesses need to open immediately when they select re-open, to try and salvage what they can and recover from the closure.

If anyone from Google see this, please make the team aware and re-open all businesses that have requested re-opening in GMB.
The client's company Gotham Escape Room has been open for more than two months and we cannot get rid of the "temporary closed" inscription. Tried everything we can think of. There was a strange situation when a company occupying positions in 3-pack for most keywords got stuck under "temporary closed".
I suspect spam from competitors. As soon as we mark that we are open, after a second, an alert inscription about the approval of client edits appears, clicking on which a request for "temporary closed" is submitted.

temporart closed error.png
Gotham Escape Room now open in google.
Resolved with help of platinum product expert. But we didn't find what caused that sign problem.

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