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Dec 11, 2018
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I do a lot of manual citation work for local small businesses. In the past I have come to terms with the fact that I can not do much to change or remove listings from Yahoo local, however, I started working for a client that just ended a contract with Dex in which they have a MESS of duplicate listings on so many different citation sites. I've never seen it so bad before and I really would like to be able to clean up the mess on Yahoo. I'm wondering if anyone has any hacks for getting around the fact that Yext owns Yahoos listings and Yahoo doesn't do anything to offer listing support. There are currently 10 duplicate listings on Yahoo for one single business (thanks to Dex's listing distribution) and I have never had success in getting a listing removed from Yahoo. Looking for any tips and tricks you may have found for duplicate removal on Yahoo.

As far as we're aware at Whitespark, there are no more available loopholes for Yahoo. There was a method we used for a while where we would submit a request to their help forum and then try to get people to upvote it so it would get the attention of support, but even that stopped working. For Yahoo cleanup it's Yext or nothing. So, we just stopped doing Yahoo. The site is dead anyway.

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