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Sep 3, 2014
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Who is good at getting Facebook company pages removed? I have a few that Facebook refuses to delete, for no good reason.
@Tim Colling, beats me. Perhaps not even Zuck could get a page removed.

I assume you're talking about "unofficial" pages. If so, you'll probably just need just claim and merge them. You still may not get all of them, but you should be able to thin the herd.
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Yea, claim and merge is the only thing hat's ever worked consistently for me. After claiming (or before if the NAP isn't usable for claiming) you will likely need to change it to match the main page you're merging into. If you can't get an edit to go through on an unclaimed page, the Places Editors groups are a good resource. They are not always able to change things, but normally they try. Here's the link for the will need to join, I think. Places Editors
Thanks, @Phil Rozek and @Cherie Dickey

These are not "unofficial" ones, though. The client created them for their five locations years ago, and now they want to condense them all down into just one. Ugh.
I don't think you can marge pages you don't have access to, correct?
I DO have access to them, because they were created by the client long ago and I now have access to the client's pages.

Facebook just refuses to accept my requests to delete those pages or to merge them into the "main" one.

Facebook is about as easy to deal with as a particularly obstinate donkey sometimes.

What exactly is happening when you try to delete or merge?
It's been a while but I'll try to find the messages and emails. The last time I attempted to get this resolved was last January. Thanks for your continuing interest and support, @JoshuaMackens. :)
Hi all! I'm having similar issues with my team. We manage local listings for multi-location businesses and one of our services is cleaning up unofficial, duplicate FB pages. Our process is to claim the page and provide a business license to prove ownership. Then we either delete or merge based on what is necessary. However, earlier this year our claim requests aren't always being approved by FB even with necessary documentation. Some of our larger clients may have 100s of unofficial pages. We submit claims for each one and many get denied and some get approved. We haven't been able to figure out why some get denied even with correct documentation. The support that FB used to have for Pages got moved to Ads so we have no recourse if we get denied other than to resubmit and hope for a different outcome. Anyone else dealing with this and found a way around it? Thank you!
Unfortunately that is what I found. Very inconsistent and very arbitrary decisions and actions.
Thanks for responding and that is what I was afraid of. I've been trying to analyze each submission to see if I can crack the code for what gets approved but it still seems random.

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