Feb 27, 2013
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My question pertains to a google places account.
Currently this particular client ranks on Spot G in google maps (Page One)
That being said, if We were to replace the existing domain within the google places account, with a brand new domain with no authority, would that cause them to drop of their existing maps ranking or would it have any impact at all?
Has anyone ever tried something similar?


Linda Buquet

Local Search Expert
Jun 28, 2012
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Hard to say, too many variables.

But if they had some bad links on the old domain or some spammy content a new domain could actually help. In pure organic though, usually a new domain will drop you for a bit before you can bubble back up to the top.

However in the old blended algo prior to Oct 2013 the bottom of the pack was not really tied to organic strength much at all. So it was more the maps ago at the bottom of the pack. With this newer algo... seems to keep changing every SERP I look at so have not totally nailed it down yet.


Aug 8, 2012
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Yes, you will drop... likely like an anchor in the sea. There are a few variables that come into play. You are saying a brand new site with little to no links? The organic ranking of the site "tied" to your Google listing is a big part of the local rankings. That's going to involve all on-site factors too. If you were to correctly 301 an old site to a new one you can minimize the loss in rankings some, but even then there are other factors of branding, trust, etc that come into play.

Colan Nielsen

LocalU Faculty
Jul 19, 2012
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It's almost certain that your ranking will change. As Linda alluded to, whether it's a positive change or a negative change depends on some of the variables.

We work with many clients who have multiple domains and we have done a lot of testing, and I can say that changing the domain associated with the G+ Local page almost always has an impact.
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