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Sep 7, 2022
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I've been doing my best to report spam on maps, but it's a lot of time, and I'm only making so much progress. I wanted to clarify a couple things before I waste a lot of time on them:

1. I work in home remodeling. There are many companies in my area served by the same SEO that have multiple service areas (ie, many business profiles by the same company). They are all residential, many with fake addresses that don't exist (Google will just stick them in the middle of the street or between houses or whatever). But let's pretend that they actually have employees at the addresses. Would I report that as "not open to the public," or as a duplicate, or as not existing in the first place?

2. Quite a few companies will have shop locations in industrial parks - they obviously don't serve customers there. Does that mean they need to hide their address? While they may not rank any better, I would say the prominence of having a pin on the map is actually a pretty huge advantage. That's definitely where my eye is drawn first.

3. Is there a way to report the entire portfolio of the aforementioned SEO company? Is my only option the redressal form (ie, I have to do all the legwork)?

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