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Nov 14, 2019
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I had three questions I was curious about and wanted to ask the forum. I have polls on LinkedIn if you want to connect but replying to this thread works also!

  • Where do the biggest information gaps exist for your Local SEO Clients?
  • What are your biggest challenges when it comes to Local SEO?
  • What are the biggest tactical challenges for your local SEO clients?
Biggest challenge I would say not being able to rank (in the 3-pack) in a town you're not physically located in.
1. Why am I not ranking when I have more reviews than X?
2. Why am I not ranking when I have more citations than X?
3. People believe that they need a perfect 5-star rating.
4. People feel that one negative review will hurt their business.
5. Clients that keep googling their keywords from a different city and don't understand why they can't find their business.
6. Why doesn't my place label appear on the map when I search for my address while other businesses do?

One of the biggest issues I have is that there are a ton of fraudsters in the industry. We have blackhats that constantly claim to know hacks on how to rank instantly. We have people that take their fake advice and regurgitate it at nausea. The experts that out the best content and studies constantly have their stuff picked apart by people who don't know SEO and heard terrible advice from these wannabe gurus. I always tell people it's one thing to be great at marketing and another to be a great marketer.
It didn't take long for my point to be proven. People love to echo stuff they have seen online yet can back it up with facts. I also come with receipts.
My two biggest challenges would be getting service area businesses ranked in the cities they serve other than where their office (often their home) is located. Also, getting clients to track offline conversions.

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