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Jul 29, 2013
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You know the 'Reviews from Around the Web' box on the Places pages? Well I have a painting client that has two links, one for Guild Quality, and one for Yellowbot.

Unfortunately his Yellowbot one is incorrect. It goes to an All State Agent's page (None of their NAP is mixed or similar, same state and metro area is all).

Called into Places support, and the gal told me that Yellowbot places that there. I tried to explain that Google gathers that info and it is automatically added, but she insisted that Yellowbot added it to the page and there was nothing that Google could do about it.

Anybody else run into this?
Hey Tyson,

I run into this quite often, actually.

Try reporting it through this door -,3138663,3138667

Put a link to the Yellowbot listing and an explanation in this section:
- "Please paste the text of the review, in full, below"

Is there any reason why Google may have gotten the wires crossed? Is the Allstate listing for an active business? If not, I would report it as closed over at Yellowbot.
Thanks a bunch.

No, no reason that I can see. I don't see any data that is the same on either listing. I don't know if that All State agent is still in business, I didn't call them.

Would love to hear if the reporting route I mentioned works for you.
Just to update this, Google still hasn't updated the listing. The reviews from around the web still shows a yellowbot link for an allstate agent in a different city.

(Not that I expected them to fix it by now, just thought I'd report back though)
Thanks for the update, Tyson.

What was Google's response to the issue?
Client hasn't said that Google said anything (replies were sent to his email), so I'm guessing nothing yet because he does a good job of keeping me in the loop.

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