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Jan 2, 2013
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SAB here, i just logged in recently, noticed the new dash and this "create a businesss + page" link on the left side. clicked that, created the + page and now my authorship markup and personal plus listing that was linked in the results are gone and the listing dropped 3 places when i next checked. there is now a google+ link next to my reviews but not authorship and no By: Kyle Van under the site which has been there for nearly a year
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Hi racbum, you posted in a thread about "Confused re the Different Types of Google+ Local Pages?" This is a different issue and needs it's own thread so does not take that one off track. Plus I wanted to give it a more descriptive title in case anyone has a similar problem or knows what to do to help you.

I think this is likely one of the reasons Google has been saying WAIT do not manually merge and don't even use the one button upgrade - even when you get the new dash.

However I realize that unless you read all the updates here and at the G forum it would be easy to miss that message and not know that you should not merge yet.

The BIG news is Google is in process of AUTOupgrading all pages to G+. There is an important announcement. It's a sticky at the top of the G+ L IMPORTANT forum:
Google Begins Auto-Upgrade of G+ Local Listings to Google+ Business Pages

In it is announcement from Jade, saying if you can - wait and don't merge or upgrade yourself.

But my guess is that possibly even when G upgraded you, this possibly would have happened.

The reason is that with the new autoupgrade no personal profile is needed to get a G+ page. So I'm thinking same may be true when you manually use the one button upgrade? But not sure...

When you say "but no authorship and no By: Kyle Van under the site"

Are you saying the authorship is gone in search? Or is your profile page totally gone too?
Just thought of something and followed my hunch. Had to dig and dig to find your site from an old post.

You didn't lose authorship per se.

I Googled the exact title tag from your site, assuming you would rank higher for that phrase. Google: "Carpet Cleaning Hillsboro And Aloha Oregon"

There you rank B so your authorship still works.

It's just that authorship only show for usually the top 3 or so listings. For Carpet Cleaning Hillsboro the primary KW you only rank D so no authorship. So it was the rank drop that made you lose author, if you move up the rankings you'll get it back. OR for KWs where you rank higher you'll still have it.

Correlation is not causation. Not sure if the upgrade to G+ is related to the rank drop.
i just noticed the same thing with local geo terms like "carpet cleaners" where my authorship still works, that again is a B rank term. it's possible the hummingbird at last penguin update were part of the rank drop. some of the high pr blogs from around the world i was using to juice the site seem to no longer be effective. however, another site i run which has links almost all coming from human moderated high traffic pages with a high trust rank, they have had no problems at all.

this business google + business is a whole 'nother topic. when you pulled up my site in the results you may have noticed reviews and the G+ link right next to each other.

i read what you said about the auto merge and if i could go back i would wait, but, there seems to be no way to delete the business + page and even if there was, like you mention, who's to say the auto merge would do things any differently. this new dashboard is a little foreign but i suppose i'll get use to it.

what do you think i should do with this business + and personal + page? just start building the business page? is google planning on merging the two?
just learned something new. apparently people can't +1 or add the business page just yet. maybe that's part of the reason people were saying to hold off after reading up. doesn't seem to be 100% working yet

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