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Nov 7, 2018
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To begin with, forgive me for re-posting this as it is a follow-up to an earlier thread that is getting pushed down. The following are my thoughts.
  1. I'm running Genesis Framework which has some Webpage markup schema built in to it. My research suggests that this be disabled, since I'm using Yoast SEO, and that creates Webpage markup schema quite well, and having both of them creates a lot of duplication.
  2. With that said, Yoast does not support the Local Business node which includes Hours of Operation and Business Type (insurance agency), which I would like to have included.
  3. Therefore I'm planing on creating a Local Business schema, but skip the Same As and Image sections as they are taken care of by Yoast in the Organization node. These will be placed on individual location pages. However, when I do this, the resulting Local Business node doesn't validate as The Local Business node requires the Image element.
  4. Question #1: Should I be creating an Organization and Local Business node? They are similar in many ways. I don't see a way of eliminating the Organizational node via Yoast, and I do want to support the hours of operation and business type in the Local Business node.
  5. I'm considering Nested Organization markup as well. Is this necessary? If so, where would it be placed, and does anyone know of a generator that does it well?
Does all of this appear to be a sound plan?
You can do the organization at a site-wide level and the local business markup at the individual location page level (since you mentioned multi-location). They're two different types of markup for slightly different purposes.

Not all organizations are local businesses, so you can use both.

What sort of Nested Organizational markup are you thinking? Like "Business A is located inside of Business B" type thing?
Not exactly. I work with insurance agencies and many have more than one office. Typically the office where the owner works is considered the primary location, and the other are child locations if that makes sense. Nothing official, that is just the way a lot of my clientele view their business. The parent/child way of thinking about it is easy, but probably not truly accurate. Is there a way to create them all as equals but related?

Also, anyone know of a quick and easy way to create the markup? Maybe an online tool that supports organizational structures?

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