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Aug 1, 2016
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Hi all,

I'm working with a B2B client which distributes products from a location, represented online using a single domain. They also have a B2C eCommerce set up as a subdomain.

They include their NAP in the footer for this single location that they distribute from. I'll be making sure their GMB is set to service area, my question is: what, if any, Schema should I be using on-page if they only distribute from the location as opposed to service customers at the location?

Thanks for reading!
There might be some important information you've left out, but given what you've said so far, it doesn't sound like they're entitled to a GMB listing at all. If so, local business schema and NAP information isn't something they need on the site.

Looking at the guidelines:

Eligible Businesses:
In order to qualify for a Google My Business listing, a business must make in-person contact with customers during its stated hours.

Ecommerce businesses, remote only businesses, etc. don't get a listing.
Thanks for responding James!

What further information would you require for clarification? Happy to provide it.

They have staff working at this location and take orders from B2B customers via email and phone, and B2C via a subdomain.

So, given that snippet from the guidelines, the company wouldn't even qualify as a Service Area business?

Nope, they wouldn't qualify. Additional information that could change things, is if they had a portion of their business where they regularly met with clients somewhere. Putting it another way, having your address visible is when customers come to you. Having an SAB is when you go to the customer. When you never see customers face to face, you don't qualify at all.

For example, if let's say you sell parts to improve manufacturing efficiency in a certain vertical. If you sell primarily through reps, drop ship parts, etc. then you wouldn't qualify. If on the other hand, you also had a consulting side of the business where you regularly sent technicians to visit clients on site to audit efficiency, help with product selection, etc. I can see that being a case where you'd qualify for a GMB listing.

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