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Jan 5, 2016
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I'm unsure of what to use for lat and long in the schema markup for my clients. For example, the lat/long in the Google embed maps URL is not the same coordinates as the actual pushpin location. I completed a search with the lat/long from the URL and it was slightly NW of my business location. Any ideas how to correctly identity the lat/long to be used in schema markup? Thanks!
We always keep long and lat consistent with the address in Maps. You will want to get the pin to the correct location as well.
Thanks, what I am actually referring to is that in this example of Cilantro's Mexican Bar & Grill, the lat/long in the Google Maps URL is 41.2200366, -96.1418065.'s+Mexican+Bar+&+Grill/@41.2200366,-96.1418065,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x8793f3c301d220c3:0x9efb993faf0561f7

When you search this lat/long in Google Maps, it does not take you to this pin. It instead drops a marker due west of the actual pin in a different lat/long than pulled from the URL.

This is why I raise the question - In your schema markup, should you use the lat/long provided by Google in the Google Maps URL so that your markup is consistent with the URL? or should you use another method of finding your lat/long for your schema markup since Google also seems to think that this lat/long is due west of the actual business?



I answered in the other thread too, but...

Have you tried GeoSetter? Check it out. It uses G maps.

"Shows existing geo coordinates, image directions and tracks on embedded Google Maps map"

Just enter the address, it use G Maps and will give the correct lat and long. Try it out.
Scott is right, that's one solution.

But with that tool or any other you still need to double check it, by posting the lat/long back into maps to be sure it resolves properly.
The coordinates in the maps url are where the map is centered. Here are two other variants to find the exact coordinates :

By clicking direction, the coordinates are in the end of the url, but be sure sure that the end destination is the business, not the address and watch for the minuses :


Result : 41.2200326 ; -96.1396178

In mapmaker source code :

I checked the google places API for this business and the result for latitude/longitude are the same as in direction url.
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