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Nov 28, 2018
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My clients 'See outside' photo on his Knowledge Panels is in no way representative of his actual location and it doesn't seem - having had a few discussions with reps at Google My Biz - that there's a short term solution to this, which is baffling to me.

the fireplace company - Google Search

Google tell me I either have to wait for the street view van to com round again (they sadly didn't get to his location last time) - which isn't going to be soon - or I can upload my own image using the App (but that won't replace what's there currently).

I'm sure I can't be the only one experiencing this and finding it extremely frustrating.

My client has a two-storey showroom (attached) and the see outside image is a residential street somewhere.

Does anyone know of a way around this?

I'm at a loss.

You'd think Google might be able to swop the image for a better one in instances like this, right?

I look forward to thoughts.

Hey Nathan,

I have a section on this in my Local SEO training so I'll copy and paste it here. Let me know if it solves the issue. I'm thinking option one (moving the pin) *should* fix it.

If Street View in the Knowledge Panel is inaccurate or shows an empty parking lot vs. your building, there are a few things you can do to adjust it.
  • Go into Google My Business and see if the pin is off. Click satellite view to get a more accurate view of where the pin is in relation to your building. Keep in mind that if you edit something related to the map, it generally takes a week before you’ll see the update reflect on Google search. Don’t be surprised if your knowledge panel doesn’t update instantly.
  • Consider hiring a Google Trusted Photographer. The inside tour replaces Street View in the Knowledge Panel.
  • If the view of your building is outdated because it’s changed since Google last drove by with their Street View car, you can see when Google is scheduled to drive by next by checking their schedule here.
Thanks for this Joy, I've just moved the pin as you suggest, so will let you know fyi if this solves the issue or not. I should have said in my opening gambit that this was in fact the other option the Google My Biz rep suggested.

Thanks again.

@JoyHawkins Hi Joy, I have a client that is experiencing the same issue.

1. We've moved the pin slightly (it is in the correct position) but it is showing an unideal streetview thumbnail with a car blocking the front signage.
2. We've hired a trusted photographer and have an inside tour available in Google Maps however the KP streetview thumbnail still will not update.

Any other suggestions?
Very strange - the Street View should update. Can you create a thread about this over at the Google My Business forum and I can ask Google about it?
I just sent it to Google :)
Hello All

I am now experiencing a similar issue to this were the street view is being taken from the tunnel under my location rather than the street level were the front of the location is I am yet to get trusted photographers involved in this issue yet . I am currently just flagging the incorrect image

Has anyone managed to make any progress with problems of this kind


Is the pin on the correct spot? Have you tried moving it?
Hello @JoyHawkins

Yes I have moved it twice further into the building and away from the road to try and changed googles point of reference as it says in in the training guide

However no luck as yet


Hello Everyone

That is me having reported it 6 times ( using report a problem) since this problem started appearing when I posted my first respon on the 15th I have also moved the pin 4 times non of this has had an effect still showing the same incorrect image

Should I start a thread on the GMB forum

I am not even sure contacting my trusted photographer will make much difference this was there response when I asked them about this

" you right in saying that Google has given less control over how the 360 views appear for the publishers.

Formerly trained Google Trusted photographer like myself had the opportunity to at least choose thumbnails for see inside and see outside within the Google moderator. They changed that ages ago and now is forever changing as an unpredictable platform for us. I can contact trustworthy developers for ad hoc and up to date information when we take this further.

Clients who wish to use the Google Platform for their virtual tours online and images display are subjected to Google laws and algorithms. "

Any thoughts would be welcome


Yeah, if you want to start a thread on the GMB forum I can have Google look into it. Make sure you post the details of the business on there (leave off the phone # but include the address and name).
Hello @JoyHawkins

Great thanks I will let you know when I have created it

I am just wondering weather I should flag it under my own email or the email which has control of the GMB accounts? is there any benefit from doing it under the latter for the google staff as the can see the connection between the issue and the GMB?

I ask as it is a public url and not a support form
I'd always suggest using the account that the listing is in.
Hello @JoyHawkins

Cool thanks for the advice, having spoken to the client they would rather we used our agency account to flag instead I will DM you the email that manages the listing on here so you have it when you flag with Google

As this part of the forum is becoming read only I should be posting the issue here instead yes ?

Thanks for all your help with this
Correct. The second link is the new forum - the other one shut down last month.
@Chaddow - I sent it through to Google and will let you know when I hear back.

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