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Feb 2, 2023
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I recently noticed that four pages on my website have been deindexed. One of them is a brand page, the others are city pages. These pages were created using the canonical template employed across the website, yet each had at least 50% unique content. What could be the potential implications of this situation? Should I be concerned about the remaining pages? Is the whole website at stake? Do I need to resubmit pages?
Hi there,

Do you have internal links going to these pages from other pages on your site? If not, add some and see if that helps get them indexed again. You can also add these pages to your main navigational menu if you have not already.

If that doesn't work, try getting some external links to these pages from other websites (harder than internal linking so I would try that first).

Of course, check if GSC mentioned any errors on these pages you can fix.

I would not necessarily be concerned for the other pages unless you noticed traffic/rankings decreasing for the other pages. If you do notice that, try to see what the pages that are now ranking above you for your target keywords have on their pages that you can replicate and elevate on your own site/pages.
Thank you @ElizabethRule
Yes, all the pages are interlinked. In fact, I accidentally realized that these pages have been deindexed cause I couldn`t find them in search results anymore. No reason for being deindexed is mentioned in the search console. I already resubmitted one of the pages and it jumped right to the first page of Google.

My traffic has been steadily decreasing over the past 3 months but I refer it to the lower demand for services (business is pretty slow everywhere) and the Google update.

If traffic is decreasing steadily, I would do a keyword analysis to see what searches specifically you are showing up for less. From there, try to find what unique and valuable content you can add that would serve users better. Case studies are one of my favorite ways to add value to service and location pages, as they showcase to customers the specific services you offer and give Google unique, real world experiences that it hasn't seen elsewhere.

Also, may be obvious but make sure all these pages are in your XML sitemap and that the sitemap is indexed in GSC as well.

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