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May 3, 2015
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Hi Guys

Im struggling with my new site, Im trying to find new way to earn some money, and doing in my free time some websites.

I usually did good with google positioning, but with this site not.

Actually doesnt even appear in the main keyword search on google. It exist cause some other pages work.

Im worried I over optimized it.

I added the site to google webmaster tools
I added the site to "submit url" of google
I added the sitemap
I did google+ page and even got the post card.
I addes some schemas
I used good Seo template "small biz " wordpress
I added to some pr 6 directory but didnt get listed yet anyway.
I'm using, CDN, Siteground Cache, w3tc wordpress plugin.
Gt Metrix says 96% and 92 % so its not slow at all

Google Webmaster Tools

The only problem that I see with my eyes, in Google Webmaster Tools

"Google couldn't crawl your site because we were unable to access your site's robots.txt file"

So I changed robots txt to :

User-agent: *
Disallow: /wp-admin/
Disallow: /wp-includes/

But still, even after I did again "fetch as google" the crawler still stuck and didnt update the file from 6 days ago.

But other pages get indexed even 2nd on google on local search.

I dont know how it work here, can I post my website or its spam ? namewebsite dot it its allowed ?

Thanks a lot for help!
Hi pollini,

Here in the Help section we actually require a URL to your G+ L page to be able to help you and that should have the link to your site. But just hearing a description is not enough, we kinda have to look at everything, because we often find something that was not even brought up.

I won't be able to personally help due to RSI, but tomorrow hopefully some of our members can take a look and give you some tips.
Oh dear this will be hard if we don't know your language.

Can you please translate the business name?
oh crap...


Visual web its my company name, and brescia its the city name.

Siti Internet means Internet sites

Actually im worried about keyword siti internet brescia, as I dont appear at all in google.
Im just worried cause I dont appear in the first 40 pages of google ( I stopped count after some )


Unless "Siti Internet Brescia" is part of your legal, real-world business name, including it in the name of your Google page is against Google's policies. You'll want to remove that part of your Google Places name.

Also, I see your page doesn't have enough views for Google to show the view-count (e.g. "1,430 views"). Therefore, I'm guessing your page is new. If that's the case you may very well be on the right track, and just need to give it time.
Thanks for confirming the name pollini.

Thanks Phil, name violation is what I strongly suspected but wanted to hear for sure what all the words meant.

Thanks too for the view count tip Phil. Somehow I didn't know that was the cut off.
Hey Linda,

Actually, my example of 1430 views was just a random example of a relatively low number of views. The cutoff seems to be around 300-600. Fewer views than that and Google won't show your view-count.
Hi Pollini,

Although it isn't what your original question was about, you might want to make sure the website is mobile friendly so you can get traffic from mobile results on Google.

Since the site is using Wordpress, you can easily use a plugin like WPTouch to do this:

Thanks for help, I made it mobile friendly, still nothing in google I dont appear on kw search =(
Thanks for help, I made it mobile friendly, still nothing in google I dont appear on kw search =(

It looks like the mobile version of your site is coming up on desktop view. You can toggle the full desktop version, but in IE, Chrome and Firefox, mobile comes up first.
well thanks a lot, I just uploaded it, I removed it now

Gonna contact smallbiz ^^

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But I doubt has nothing to do with me not appearing in google anyway no ?
But I doubt has nothing to do with me not appearing in google anyway no ?

Right, not likely.

One thing you'll want to double check is that the box under Settings > Reading in Wordpress is unchecked that says "Discourage search engines from indexing this site".

I have seen developers mistakenly leave this box checked after launching the site, which did prevent the site from being indexed.

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